Television Stands That Are Right for You

At TV Room Stands, it’s easier than ever to find the ideal television stands for your space. While most stores carry only a few variations, we’ve compiled an extensive assortment of hundreds of brands, colors, and styles. Before you begin shopping, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most common materials and styles to help you pinpoint the type of media console you need.

What to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a television stand

High-quality television stands should provide dependable, attractive accommodations for your electronic investment, so it deserves the same level of research and planning. Before making a decision, consider these important factors:

  • What type of television do you need to support? Keep in mind that different styles of TVs (plasa, flat-screen, standard, HD, etc.) will require different sizes and widths of media cabinets.
  • How much additional storage will you need for components other than your TV? Remember that external DVD players, audio receivers, and Cable boxes will require their own dedicated space. You’ll need to decide if you’d prefer to store your accessories on open shelving or concealed in closed areas.
  • What is the design style of your media room? Are you looking for something traditional, contemporary, modern, or classic, or do you prefer an antiqued look? What colors will complement your existing décor?
  • How much space do you have available for your home television furniture? Remember that your TV storage cabinet or entertainment center will take up more room than the television itself. Be sure to measure the area to ensure the stand won’t take up too much space. For compact spaces, a corner unit may provide an efficient alternative.
  • How prominent do you want your television to be? If you’re trying to fill a large space and want your media furniture to serve as a focal point, an entertainment center or TV armoire might be for you. But if you’d rather let the television take center stage, you might prefer a more understated console, such as a TV pedestal, wall mount unit, or small swivel stand.
  • How much weight will the TV cabinet need to bear? Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your chosen storage cabinet can support the load of your electronic components. For heavier plasma televisions, you might consider a power-assisted lift stand, which raises and lowers your TV on demand.

Common TV Stand Materials

  • Wood: A highly popular material for home TV furniture, hardwood provides stable, long-lasting support for your television. Natural wood grain variations will ensure that your media furniture is a one-of-a-kind piece. Many wood composites and veneers are also available, offering the look of wood stands at a greater value and a lighter weight.
  • Glass: With the proliferation of more modern home décor styles, sleek glass television stands are becoming more common. The glass can be textured or tinted to create the look you want, but be sure that your media console uses tempered glass, which is stronger and more supportive than the regular variety.
  • Metal: Also used in more modern styles of media furniture, metal is often paired with glass shelves to achieve a sleek, “floating” look. Metal stands are a sturdy, solid choice for supporting televisions and electronic components.

We invite you to browse our vast collection of TV cabinets and media stands. Our courteous, knowledgeable customer care specialists are always available to assist with your product questions. Rest assured that each of our media furniture solutions is engineered for years of reliable, handsome service.

Selecting the fine TV Stand

Nowadays, when you wish to do an important climb to a LCD tv set, you are upgrading more than merely your TV – you are updating your place ornament also. Like it or not, due to their sizings and preponderance in a room, tv have got a type of spot article of furniture. The Moment you supply a innovative television to your house or improve on the one you as of now have, you are supplying a part of article of furniture that contributes to the looking and flavour of your house.

Clearly the first place you want to set out the moment you are searching for a Tv Stand that brings out the life of your house and your television is with coloring.

These days, there are several black iron Tv Stands that function with a lot of flat panel television sets, on the other hand some TV stands, like many another of the Tech-Craft TV stands handle to take the old wooden fashions and refinish them to make them far more appealing in your house and for your Tv Sets.You will besides want flat TV stands with some room, so that if you want to adapt the size of your tv set in the future, you do not need to find a original stand. If you have a flat panel tv set that is not an LCD, it may be fine for you to buy one that fits only the exact sizing of your Tv Sets, but, in the main, you will wish to account for the opportunity of the TV breaking.

Furthermore, many another of the trends of TV stands these days, specially in the Tech-Craft style, are designed to add a latest look to your house.

The Moment you purchase a innovative TV, you are purchasing a innovative part of your interior. Since you want to find a good TV stand to go with it, getting the adequate television stand to match both your TV and your spot’s way is the next step to make your place looking neat and cozy.

Your TV Stands Guide


1. First determine the size of your TV. You probably know the screen size but how big is actual TV and what’s it weigh. This will help you pick the appropriate stand without wasting time or money on the wrong thing.

2. Decide what height your television needs to be. Most people prefer an eye level viewing experience but not everyone. Some prefer a little higher with a downward angle.

3. Do you want your television mounted or hung? The great thing about flat panel televisions (plasma, LCD, LED) is they have the option of being hung on the wall or placed on a TV stand.

4. Consider your media storage and cable situation. If you have a lot of Blu Ray, DVD or gaming equipment then choose your television stand accordingly. Many choose to buy a TV stand with DVD storage options such as racks and drawers. Don’t forget your audio equipment such as surround sound speakers. You also want to be able to hide all your cabling which most flat screen TV stands can accommodate.

5. Set you price range so you can have an idea of what your wallet can afford. Most stands range in price from $50 up to $1000 depending on size, style, manufacturer and most importantly materials. Solid wood will cost more than faux wood or a melamine product.


Most of your LCD and plasma TV stands are simplified with a single shelf or rectangle stand wider than the screen but high enough to provide comfortable viewing. They range from a colorful fiberglass to a very decorative wooden cabinet. They can get extremely sophisticated consisting of shelving beneath the TV with designs etched into the corners or perhaps smoked glass. Many of the elaborate stands swivel via a pole in the center making the television look like a picture.

Many LCD plasma TV stands are extremely durable and long lasting ranging in very dense materials such as stainless steel, various metal graphite’s, hardwoods and tempered glass. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and range in price from very cheap to extravagantly expensive. There are hundreds of manufacturers to choose from, Bush and Bell’O are two of the biggest.


The only prerequisite for any stand is a shelf of some kind or a bracket for mounting. All other features are optional including audio or DVD racks, Satellite or Cable boxes, gaming consoles, speakers and other electronics. Some TV stands have doors to hide all of the above accessories for a clean looking TV armoire or cabinet.


Mounting your television is extremely desirable and looks even better but the truth is it takes more than a single nail to hang such a heavy piece of electronics. Plasma and LCD TV mounts require a level surface and a “stud” to be mounted properly and securely. The back of a flat panel TV does not usually have mounting hardware but there are holes for such a task. Aftermarket companies manufacture universal mounting brackets that attach to the holes in the back of the most TV’s via VESA standards.


There are several types of TV brackets on the market which consist of low profile mounts that will put your television flat against the wall. Others are thicker and stand out further from the wall but will sometimes swivel or tilt up and down. There are highly sophisticated TV mounts that have a collapsible arm capable positioning the TV at any angle


There are numerous brands names out there so here is a list of some of the heavy hitters that have very high quality manufacturing to back up their products.

1. Bush
2. TechCraft
3. Bell’O
4. BDI
5. Peerless
6. Chief
7. Luxor
8. Omniount
9. Premier
10. Sanus
11. StudioTech
12. Systems Trading Corporation
13. Kendall Howard
14. Dalite

Too often people make the decision to go out and purchase a new addition to their living room and forget to consider the fact that the flat screen television they picked out might not go with the oak TV stand they already have. Lets face it most plasma and LCD televisions are either black or silver, neither of which go with dull brown wood.

With the growing popularity of flat screen television it has become inevitable that flat screen TV stands are equally as popular. There are so many different stands to choose from ranging in style from contemporary modern stands to classic wooden TV stands.


When shopping for flat panel TV stands you always want durability first and foremost because a plasma TV these days cost thousands of dollars. While not as heavy as previous tube models they need a sturdy foundation to sit on with shelves to accommodate your audio video accessories and assortment of wires.

Many of the plasma LCD TV stands available today contain a host of options including a 60 degree swivel, audio video storage, angled corners for convenient placement and sonic isolation pads to help stabilize the shelving so the TV doesn’t move. Cable management is also taken into consideration so that you don’t have a bunch of wiring hanging around looking like a bowl of spaghetti. There is nothing worse than a beautiful plasma TV and corner TV stands with organized confusion for wiring to make it look very distasteful, your wife would kill you.

One of the things we as consumers look for is a TV stand with DVD storage because that is essentially your ultimate goal. To have one piece of furniture that stores all your gaming and video capabilities.

To find reliable and high tech TV stands visit your local retailer or go online and search various stores to find the model that best suits your designer television. The most important factor in buying online is finding reliable feedback on which models are working best for people. I highly recommend researching television stands television stands online before buying anything so you can get a good piece of equipment with a good warranty.