Black TV Stand

Black TV Stands 2017 Buyer’s Guide

You can find a black TV stand for any size television. Luckily black stands are very popular and as such, are readily available at affordable prices. Whether you have a small portable TV or a brand new 60″ wide Plasma screen, you are sure to find the right stand at the right price. You no longer have to compromise on quality in order to stay within your budget requirements. You probably spent many hours searching for the perfect TV, so it is understandable that you would want a new modern or contemporary black TV stand to match.

You need to think about how many shelves you will required to store your other electronic devices, besides your TV. You need to keep in mind that you probably need space for a VCR or DVD player, digital decoder or satellite decoder, game consoles, amplifier or stereo system. There are too many for them to have their own shelf, so you may want to stack two per shelf to save on space. So, besides the amount of shelves, you need to make sure that the shelf space is sufficient to stack your equipment on top of one another. Your TV is the center piece on the TV stand and you don’t want to distract that away to the other equipment underneath.

To keep things tidy, look for a TV shelf that provides a way of keeping all the cabling together. Each piece of equipment can have at least three cables leading out from it. They will have a power lead, AV connection or HDMI connection and perhaps an additional cable going to another device on one of the shelves. This tends to get messy and can look very untidy. Most shelves these days have cable trays at the back to tuck and store the cabling away. It is well worth making sure that the cables are neat and tidy.

Some black TV stands come with a central draw or a small cupboard on each end. These can be used to store remote controls, DVD’s and music CD’s. It is a great way to store your entertainment accessories and game console remote controls knowing that they are at easy reach when needed. You will also not have to go searching around in cupboards or drawers looking for the stereo remote.

You will find the stands come in a variety of materials from the ultra modern glass to the stylish wooden finishes. All these TV stands can be found in black regardless of the style or size you are looking for.

TV stands are manufactured to accommodate any television, no matter the size or shape. From portable boxed type televisions to the new wide screen plasma, LCD and OLED televisions. Although it is perfectly safe to have a wide screen TV placed directly on the top shelf of a stand, you may wish to purchase a stand with a backspine. Essentially the spine allows you to raise the screen above the stand as if it is mounted on the wall. They normally come with a rear mounted swivel based system to allow for perfect tv positioning.

The advantages of a raised rear mounted stand are huge. You no longer have to purchase an expensive wall mounted bracket and more importantly, you don’t have to spend the time and effort trying to fit it to the wall either. If these types of wall brackets are not fitted correctly, you run the risk of the screen falling off the wall. Not only could you damage the TV, but it could be dangerous for anyone in the vicinity like kids or children. The spine allows you to hide all the AV cabling between the television and the units below which, if not hidden, looks very untidy.

With a polished rounded black TV stand and toughened safety glass, you are safe in the knowledge that you have made a great choice. The toughened glass gives you the peace of mind to watch your favourite movies or programmes in complete safety. They look very modern and sleek with the black glossy effect that oozes with style. The glass stands can come with a variety of shelf levels depending on the amount of AV units you need to store. It is recommended that you store two units per shelf if you tend to have quite a few. Most people tend to have a VCR, DVD player, Satellite or digital decoder, amplifier and a game console (or even two). Grouping them them together onto a three shelf system keeps them looking neat and tidy as well as having more control over the cabling.

You don’t have to just think about buying the black TV stands in glass. You have the option of wooded stands that not only provide the shelves you are looking for, but some come with side cupboards. The advantages of side cupboards or a single middle draw is to provide additional storage for all your media accessories. With the amount of AV units comes the bundle of remote controls to look after. Having them stored in the same place and within easy reach makes it more convenient. You can also store your movies and games in one place, this will help you from misplacing them in different areas of the home.

The black tv stand units are very easy to setup and install with only 30 minutes of work to complete. They look neat and tidy and will match any living room and TV.


There are many tv stands that are available in a variety of materials and colors to match your television and living room. Swivel stands for instance, are a great way to showcase your wide screen tv and gives you freedom to point the screen in a range of angles and directions. Perhaps the most popular materials are wooded tv stands and glass tv stands, where both provide a sterdy modern look for your television. Wooden stands can come in oak and provides an antique look or a traditional look for your home.