Cheap TV Stands

Short Guide to Buying Cheap TV Stands

Shopping for cheap TV stands is definitely not the most exciting thing to do, but it has to be done; and who knows, the thrill of your massive new flat panel might just give you that extra incentive to get it just right. We don’t want to bore you with unnecessary waffle, so I’ll just get straight to it. Here are a few essential points that you should consider when buying.

First of all, take into account the room you plan to put the television in. Is it modern, retro or perhaps victorian or georgian in its decor? The style will make a major impact on whether your stand fits or sticks out like a sore thumb. Consider, furthermore, whether it is even appropriate to have a flat panel in retro or old fashioned rooms. Sometimes, the contrast can look really effective and endearing, other times it will just seem inappropriate. Unfortunately, only you can decide. Try to get second and third opinions when you are shopping for your television, let alone your stand or mount.

Second, decide whether to get a television stand, or a mount. Sometimes we use these words interchangeably but the actual pieces are very different. A mount is screwed on to a wall, while a stand is simply a small table on which the television rests. Both have advantages and disadvantages. A mount is perfect for a low-space, high-tech effect, as it looks like the television is ‘stuck’ to the wall. Mounts are generally best for thin flat panels in modern surroundings. You may choose a mount to save space, or you may choose one simply because it looks better. Try to find the ideal mix of practicality as well as aesthetics. The main disadvantage of television mounts is that there is no additional space to store television equipment, digital satellite boxes, dvd players, games consoles and so forth. Therefore, despite the fact that it appears to save space, you will still have to have an audio/video cabinet somewhere in the house, connected by cables to your mounted television. Audio/Video cabinets are a separate entity to television stands, though the functions do overlap. In general, if you have a mounted television, you will need a cabinet of some sort. If on the other hand you have an actual tv stand, these often have shelves and cabinets in the furniture itself, which is an obvious advantage of a television stand. Often you can get a cheap tv stand and mount combo which provides the maximum flexibility and range of choice: you can mount your television or place it on the stand as you wish, and you have full storage space offered by the shelves and cabinets within the stand. We have such cabinets reviewed on our website so check out our reviews for more information. Another great thing about these combos is that you can mount the television either separately on a wall as is normal with mounts, or you can keep it attached to the stand and mount it above the stand without the need for any drilling into your walls.

Third, consider your storage space. As mentioned above, getting a television stand will usually mean that you have shelves and cabinets included; however this is not always the case. Make sure to check that the stand has enough space for all the audio/video equipment that you have, and don’t forget games consoles, dvd players and so forth. Make sure that the shelves are sturdy and can take the weight; metal stands are often useful for maximum strength, but they are not always appropriate to your decor.

As a final note, once you have gone through all the points above, do not forget to use your common sense and be prudent before forking out any cash. Read reviews of the product – lots of them are available on site for popular stands – and you maximize your chances of getting a television stand that lasts you a very long time.

Cheap TV Stands

Nowadays every home boasts of a television set or in several cases more than one T.V sets can be seen in some houses. It has become the centerpiece of a living room or a bedroom, so the stand on which the television is kept is also equally important. Although the T.V stand is significant, one would not like to buy very expensive ones just after splurging on an expensive television set. There are times when people in order to get the best possible T.V sets simply forget or ignore the fact that it cannot stand on itself. Cheap T.V stands are available in the market that can stand firmly even under an expensive LCD screen.

People usually tend to invest a lot of money on the priciest T.V available, but how many are ready to splurge on a T.V stand? For those faced with similar complications must engage some time in going through all resources that are available to him such as how much will be the cost of the television. After deciding on this, the very next question to ponder is about the size of the T.V set you have chosen i.e. the length and breadth measurements of your TV selection. This is particularly important as one does not want to buy any item that afterwards turns out a little large or too small which would naturally cause some inconvenience. The next decision relates to where this TV would be placed whether it was to be kept in the bedroom, living room, video room or the kitchen.

After making the above mentioned decisions the next step would be to search for really good cheap tv stands. They should be able to stand the ordeal of time and also be attractive to look at. The first point to check for is its durability. A salesman would naturally give assurances and guarantees but one should use his own skills of judgment before deciding on the one that suits your purpose. Secondly it is important to get the correct measurements of your T.V so that while choosing a stand guessing its measurements is not done which inevitably leads to purchasing of stands that are either smaller or bigger than the adequate size. The next thing to keep in mind is that the stand should compliment the décor of the room in which it will be kept. The stand should blend well with the surrounding furniture as well as the room décor.

Some stands are available that are multipurpose i.e. they may contain drawers or a shelf for keeping books and magazines. They usually come with additional shelves for keeping your CD collection and DVD player. Some televisions are mounted on walls with shelves for DVD player. They look great as well as occupy very little space.

Discount TV Stands

TV stand as the name implies, is the stand on which a television is mounted. This is a stand which not only provides a platform for the television to be kept on it, but can also add on the aesthetic appeal of the room where it is kept. Not to forget the fact that it can also provide great space for storing other items as well.

Before one purchases a TV stand, it is advisable that he or she does the homework well, so as to get good discount TV stands. Notwithstanding the fact that whether you are buying an old stand or a brand new stand, it is very important to have rough idea of the stand before you go on to buy it.

Once decided on the kind of stand that you would want, it is also important that you decide upon the budget for the same. Getting too ambitious on the stand type without adequate budget, will not serve any purpose. Apart from the budget, it is also important that your stand is able to fit in the kind of space that is available in your room. Your discount TV stand should not make the room either too cramped or empty. It should gel in well with the rest of the furniture of the room. Whether the TV stand has to be a wall mounted one, a pedestal or a wooden cabinet, choose the type that will go with your room best.

For the discount TV stands, keep on checking on for the store advertisements, at least some time before the time you plan to purchase it. When checking out offers for the discount TV stands, do not forget to check in the stores which deal in electrical appliances and the ones which preferably have chain of shops. Just in case you happen to get a good bargain on a TV stand that you like, though the time of your purchase may be somewhat a few weeks far away, do go ahead and buy it, because postponing the purchase may not give you the best of the deals later on.

Generally discounts are available around the festivities, so just in case you can wait for that time of the year to but the discount TV stands, plan your purchase likewise. But one thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing such a stand is the shipment cost that you have to bear. Just in case the store is far away from your place and you are to pay hefty shipping and handling charges, the benefit that is accrued to you in the form of discounts may not eventually hold so.

You can also buy discount TV stands from online, from sites like eBay and Amazon. All said and dine, the best time to purchase your discount TV set is the time when you buy your television, so that you can buy the best complementing stand with it.

Cheapest TV Stands

Buying a good television is quite an expensive proposition these days. But only buying the television is not the solution. One also requires buying a stand along with it to place the television safely on it. The television stands these days are quite expensive as they are available in a lot of varieties. Different stands are available for different types of televisions and the all these stands are quite different from one another. The stand for a normal television is quite different from an lcd stand and the lcd stand is also quite different from a plasma television stand. As the home delivery facility is available all across these days, one often resort to this which further adds to the cost.

One should try and buy a stand which will not only be good in quality but also cheap in terms of its cost. Being cheap necessarily does not mean that the product has to be bad. One of the cheapest tv stands can be the best one in terms of its durability and flexibility. At times even after paying a high cost one is not able to get a quality product for himself. Thus it is not always the cost which matters but the quality and the features of the stand which need to be present so that it becomes easy for us to use it and stay long with us. There are a lot of buyers guide available which help the person to judge the type of stand he would require and also the cheapest one so that his pocket does not get affected. These guides also mention the points which one should take care of when buying a stand.

The buyers guide not only helps the person to judge about the stand but also tells him the difference for which there is a variation in the cost. Some of the people have bought the cheapest tv stands and are quite happy using it. Lcd stands are after all meant to be strong to be able to support the television for a long duration. While purchasing it one should primarily see its utility purpose and then its cost. The cheapest tv stands also look good and attractive for the house and what people forget while buying them is the utility of the stand. The more expensive the stand the more space it occupies as it has a system which makes it more elaborate while fixing it. One can also buy these stands online at cheap prices and get them delivered at their doorstep for free. Thus one should be wise while buying things for the house so that he can get the latest yet at a low cost which will not fall heavily on his pocket.

Cheap TV Stands

If your budget is very tight you might consider some ideas for cheap TV stands and perhaps discover that you have some furniture right in your own home which can be alternatives to buying readymade TV stands. First of all if you wish you can find old TV stands which are used but still in good condition online which you can purchase for a lot less money than getting a new stand. There are pictures available online of these stands and you can see what you’re getting before you decide to purchase. Another thing you can consider using for a TV stand is a small bookshelf which comes about 3 to 4 feet off the floor and in this case not only do you have a place on which to put your TV but you also have shelves on which you can put a DVD player or other electronic equipment. You can also cut holes in the back of the bookshelf for cable to go through. If you don’t have such a bookshelf you can probably buy one of the types which you can put together yourself as they will be much cheaper than readymade ones. Just be sure the bookshelf can hold the weight of your TV. Another piece of furniture which can be converted into a TV stand is an old dresser. Here the idea is to take out all of the drawers and to remove the front and back of each drawer afterwards sliding them back into place and now you have space to place electronic equipment while your TV sits on top of the dresser. Wall units are great for holding TVs and other electronic equipment and again you can purchase a wall unit for this purpose for a lot less money if you buy it unassembled. Assembling it yourself you can make sure that you have enough room for everything. In other words take a look around your home and get an idea of what can hold your TV.

You can shop around and take a look at what is available in TV stands which are sturdy and durable but are meant just for holding TVs without any special features as these cost less than ones that are more complicated and have a lot of features like shelves and so on. Plain old TV stands can be made of wood, plastic, chrome or tempered glass. Just remember you want one which is big enough to hold your TV so have measurements available. Also you want to be sure that the stand will put your TV at eye level for comfortable viewing. Another piece of furniture which can do well for a TV stand is an armoire and it will have room in which to conceal your electronic equipment. You can even hide your TV behind cabinet doors and armoires usually give you plenty of room for everything including hiding the cables. This is another piece of furniture which you may already have at home and if you don’t you’ll spend less money choosing to assemble it yourself. These are just some ideas for cheap TV stands and the best thing is that you really don’t have to spend a lot of money for a TV stand.