Glass TV Stand

The Glass TV Stand Buying Guide | Know Before You Buy

One of the key elements of any home design is integrating the right décor for each of your rooms. In some rooms the design comes naturally and the atmosphere of the room is already established. For other rooms, integrating the various aspects of the room is tricky. Big screen televisions tend to be one of those trickier items to incorporate into the decorating. The decision of whether or not to mount the flat screen on the wall can be difficult to make. Many find that a better solution for their needs is integration of a glass TV stand into the room. An elegant, sleek, or simple glass stand can really accentuate your décor, and provide a much needed mantle for your flat screen television.

Although you are certainly not limited to either wall mounting or glass TV stands, many homeowners have found that these two options provide them with the sophisticated feel that they are looking for. Often the decision comes down to logistics as well. Wall mounting is not always appropriate or even possible in some homes. As such a clean, stylish stand is the perfect alternative.

Are Glass TV Stands Stable?

One of the first concerns purchasers will have when considering a glass stand is whether or not the structure is sufficiently stable for their equipment. Where big screen television can cost upwards of several thousand dollars, there is an inherent desire to protect this investment. A flimsy or poorly made stand could lead to disaster for your electronics.

Fortunately, most consumer grade glass stands will be more than sufficient strength for the average home user. Not only can most stands hold upwards of several hundred pounds, they are also designed specifically for the equipment. If the weight of your television is a concern, be sure to note the maximum weight or capacity of the particular stand that you are evaluating. Most manufacturers are careful to note the specifications on each of their stands.

Because of the intricacies of designing glass based furniture, the support structure is very carefully designed. Brackets, pads, mounting braces, and any number of other creative methods are used to secure the glass sheets to the framework.

Frames are typically made of tubular steel construction, heavy-duty diamond shaped tubing, or some form of solid wood framing, and can combine any combination of the above into the design. Powder-coating and other additions are also frequently found on the frame.

Because of the unique requirements of the top glass, this piece is often of greater thickness than the support shelves. This allows the stand to accommodate heavier equipment, namely your big screen television or other centerpiece.

The size of the stand will also be dependent upon your needs as a consumer. Some people prefer to purchase a stand that is as wide or wider than their actual television. They do so in hopes of minimizing the risk of tipping the television over or accidently bumping into it. This is certainly not necessary however. Many find that as long as the stand is as wide as the base of the television, some overlap is neither unsightly nor particularly dangerous.

Is There A Way To Protect The Glass On The TV Stand?

Another concern that glass TV stand purchasers face is whether or not the glass is a sustainable as a base surface. The vast majority of glass stands are made with tempered glass. This is simply glass that has been processed with treatments designed to increase the strength of the glass. The glass is also designed to shatter into small pieces rather than into sharp shards when broken, although this will rarely ever be a concern for the home user.

For the most part, your glass tabletop will be specially designed to withstand scratching. And while movement on the table should be minimized, there is certainly some protection built into the glass. Between the scratch resistance and tempered glass, the TV stand is actually quite resistant to chipping as well. Some manufacturers have even added some diamond coating the glass to increase each of these durability factors.

Can You Use A Glass Stand For A LCD Or Plasma?

As noted above, a concern many people have regarding their stand is whether or not it can support their plasma or LCD television. Not only are these stands excellent for this purpose, there are a number of custom made tables that are designed specifically for LCDs and Plasma screens. See our article on the Glass Plasma TV Stand for more specific information.

Needless to say, the glass in these stands is an excellent way to showcase your television, and really meet the flat screen beautifully in design. There is really nothing better to accentuate your modern television set than find the perfect glass TV stand for your home.

What Different Styles Of Glass TV Stand Are Available?

Once you have determined that a glass television stand is the right choice for you (and you will inevitably come to this conclusion), picking the right style is the next step in the process. Fortunately for you, there are hundreds and thousands of different styles, designs, and types of glass stand already on the market. After a little time shopping around for the perfect unit, you should find a piece that works excellent for your individual circumstances.

One of the more striking changes that you can add to your glass top TV stnd is colored or smoked glass. The glass can come in a number of different colors and shades, really allowing you to match the piece to your home décor and/or your television set. Combined with the unique framing of the unit, you can really end up with a striking piece of furniture in your home.  Many find that a black glass TV stand is a striking addition to their modern themed room.

An added benefit of the glass structure is that it is typically easy to clean. The surface doesn’t require any particular wood finishing or retouching after years of use, and can simply be wiped down from time to time.

As you are picking the style, be sure to anticipate the location of the stand in your intended room. Different styles of stand are available for just about any arrangement you have in mind. Anything from the standard stand to a glass corner TV stand should be of little difficulty to find.

One last consideration when choosing the stand is the functionality of the layout. You will want to consider the peripheral equipment that will also need storage on your tv stand. VCRs, TiVo, DVD Players, and other electronics should have a natural location and fit seamlessly into the rest of the design.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

The price range on glass TV stands can actually be quite broad. Depending on the quality and style that you are looking for, you can typically find something in the range of several hundred dollars. There will obviously be high and low outliers, but the bulk of the units fall within a couple hundred dollars. For cheaper units, look for discount shops or secondhand retailers. The upscale models can be found from specialized shops around the internet.

Your new glass TV stand will be a much welcomed addition to your home décor and can provide you the sleek, sophisticated look you are looking for from your furniture. Finding the perfect glass stand should only be a matter of matching your needs with the proliferation of online retailers offering the product.


Glass TV Stand

We all know how a glass tv stand looks like, they are without doubt the most popular choice of stand for todays new Plasma and LCD TVs. And for good reason too, in one simple step you enhance your living space from a bland room into a stylish lounge.

To set off the new fashionable gloss black television sets, there’s nothing quite like a black glass TV stand. Elegant and classy! They look great in many surroundings, not least the popular minimalist décor of todays living rooms, where their simple understated design fits the bill perfectly while still remaining stylish.

Or your living space is a bit dark the black glass TV stand may be a little to much, this is where the equally stylish clear glass LCD TV stand comes into its own. Helping to keep the space light and making the most of what little light there is by not absorbing it all.

Once you decide what you are looking for there are some more points to consider. How many more pieces of AV equipment do you have that you need to store on your stand? DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player, Freeview Box, PVR, TiVo, Games Console, Surround Sound? The more items you have the more space you are going to need to store them all. So how many shelves do you need? Do they need to be adjustable to fit oversized items? And will having a slightly wider TV stand help you out?

Most glass TV stands come with 2 or more shelves, clearly the more gear you have, the more shelves you are going to want. Unless of course your LCD TV is wall mountable, then, in this case you might consider a stand with universal TV mount, then you can have your TV mounted or “floating” and use the remianing shelves for whatever equipment you use with your TV. The universal mount also allows you, in most cases, to tilt and swivel your TV to get it to the optimum viewing angle for wherever you are seated or standing. Maybe you’re in the kitchen making dinner and cant quite see the TV, no matter, that extra tilt and swivel will help you out and stop you from missing that all important moment.

One more thing to consider is, if you have spent a lot of money on your home cinema equipment you are going to want the very most out of your purchases. Many mid to high range TV stands incorporate some sort of vibration reduction feature. This will ensure all of your gear is seated on a firm surface for a stable base and in turn perform to their maximum.Almost all glass TV stands come with some sort of cable tidy feature to keep all those HDMI and SCART leads out of sight and keep your entertainment centre from looking like a bowl a spaghetti.

Glass TV Stands

Glass TV stands, like all the TV stands, are a form of protection and decoration for your home. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of choices on the market as forms and the types vary. So we can find the wood, the metal, the glass and the iron TV stands. Among this variety, the glass TV stand seems to be the most attractive and elegant type.

The majority of people now use Glass TV stands for several reasons. Among those reasons, we can notice the durability of this kind of stands. The glass is one of the materials that can last for not only months or years but for several decades, and people always tend to choose the durable and solid furniture for their homes and for their TVS especially with the presence now of LCD and Plasma TVs which are a very sensible variety of TVs. Hence, then need a special kind of stands, the glass ones are probably a good choice.

The glass stands are adaptable with different kinds of home and furniture. For example the establishment of a glass TV stand in a place that contains a lot of glass based furniture gives a sense of complementarity and lets you feel the beauty of the glass stand as a symbol of purity and elegance. This type of LCD TV stands has a psychological influence on the viewer as it gives brilliant lights and participates in the over all TV-watching experience.

We’ll have to admit though that glass stands can cause a small problem concerning the cables management. Considering the transparency of the material the cables can be viewed and can cause a mess as to the harmoney effect of the whole view. That’s why you should look for the right glass TV stand designed in a way to manage and to solve this problem. It should be a simple and easy system that can hide the whole cables and preserve the beauty and elegance of such a stand.

As to the forms of Glass TV stands, they can take various forms available in online and offline stores. It can be round; it can be large square, near to the soil or high to protect the TV. The different forms of the glass stand are inspirited from the ability of this material to take any form you want. The forms also give the whole structures of the stands, here we speak about the composition of the stands, the presence of different racks, pellucid racks of glass gives the stand more beauty and a capacity of storage that depends on the number of racks you want to have in your glass stand.

The racks in a glass stand add a functionality element to the stand as it is now an elegant storage tool that is added to home.

So the consumer here gets two benefits at the same time:  a beautiful glass stand and functional racks to store the DVDs, the PlayStation, or even some books. These are some of the advantages that the glass TV stand can give.

The prices of Glass TV stands vary according to the quality of the glass, the design of the stand and the size also; after all, the beauty of a glass TV stand can make up for the price if it is expensive. In fact, the price can be anywhere between $100 and  5000$ for a complete and a high quality glass stand. In the end you get what you pay for.

The beauty, the durability and the adaptability are the most important features that every single, simple or special glass stand can carry.