Modern TV Stands

The focal point of most living rooms is the TV entertainment center and especially TVs sitting atop modern TV stands. Most people nowadays prefer to choose modern and decorative TV stands which make a person aware of them as soon as they enter the room. People who don’t have much space and small TV sets but still want to have a special TV stand may opt to make a portable bar cart into a TV stand. Most bar carts come on wheels and have a lower shelf for other electronic equipment. It also gives a person the option to move the TV about the room where the viewing may be more comfortable. However for those who have flat-screen TVs they don’t really need regular TV stands as these types of TVs can be mounted on the wall. If you don’t want to place the TV on your wall you can purchase a flat-screen TV stand and there are many different modern contemporary styles of TV stands available. A good deal of these TV stands have concealed storage spaces for all kind of other electronic equipment and often the flat, wall like front panel of these stands which surrounds your TV makes it look as if it is mounted to the wall.

There are also dual-sided TV stands for flat-screen TVs which can be used in the center of a room as a divider or as the focal point of the room. These dual-sided TV stands come with a thick and hollow wall-like shelving unit which is attached to a sturdy base. The idea is to mount the flat-screen TV to one side and then install shelves to the other side on which to display what you like. The stand is hollow so that all other electronic equipment and cords, wiring and cables can be concealed from view and everything looks neat and in its place. You will find additional storage in small drawers which come out of the side edges. Of course there are lots of other different kinds of TV stands available from the simplest to the most complicated and are made of all sorts of modern and up to date material. It all depends on your taste and style and the type of TV stand which will fit in the room where you will have your TV. You want your entertainment center to look modern and up to date but you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb in a room which may have furnishings which are less modern. So take everything into consideration when choosing a stand for your TV. Make sure you measure your TV before purchasing a stand and make sure you know how much it weighs as this is all important. Many of the most modern stands are made to hold flat-screen TVs but you can still find stands which look great but are made for smaller and regular TVs. So take a look at what modern TV stands are available and choose one for your TV.

Z-Line Vitoria Flat Panel Modern TV Stand Review

Z Line designs has crafted the new Vitoria Flat Panel Modern TV Stand with the aim of being one of the first choices for those who wish to house their new LCD television. Capable of holding flat panels of up to 150 lbs and 60″ in width, this stand offers the flexibility of a fully adjustable wall mount, with height adjustment and swivel functions, while also providing the necessary storage space characteristic of a typical television stand with its 3 shelves made of sleek black glass.

The glass which forms the shelves has been treated to ensure proper safety, and as such you would have no worries or problems putting your audio visual equipment, games consoles etc. on them. Average set up time from package out of the box to the full assembled product is around 2 hours, so this is quite a bit more than the average 1 hour, however for those homeowners wanting a more high-end TV stand, the Z-Line Vitoria is certainly worth the effort. For those wishing to have a simpler, cheaper option, however, we recommend you browse our remaining reviews.

Below are the core features of the Z-Line Vitoria Flat Panel TV Stand:

  • Dimensions – 44″ W x 22.25″ D x 50″ H
  • Can hold Flat Panel Televisions up to 150 lbs in weight
  • Swivel and height adjusting functions
  • Modern black powder finish
  • Chrome cylinder supports
  • Three 8 mm black glass shelves

What we found quite remarkable was that on amazon, the Z-Line Vitoria has average reviews of exactly 5 out of 5 stars – over 26 reviews, despite the not so low list price of $479.99. This indicates that customers are generally very happy with their purchase and are willing to pay that little bit extra for this flat panel TV stand. As you will note from our reviews, we always aim to point out any flaws with even the best modern TV stands that we specially select to be reviewed on our site, however in the case of the Z-Line Vitoria, there aren’t really any, apart from the above average assembly time (possibly due to the superior quality). If you can just work for that extra hour to assemble this TV stand, you will almost certainly be happy you did.

Here’s what a current Vitoria owner had to say about his stand:

Although putting this TV stand together is not the easiest I’ve experienced, I would definitely say that it’s worth it. Now I can fit all my A/V equipment underneath, no more putting it all over the surrounding floor! The Vitoria stand really gives that element of elegance which definitely impressed my wife. The sleek black glass is not very common, but looks brilliant and definitely fits with my LCD TV. (Ben)

Techcraft HBL52 Review

The Techcraft HBL52 52″ Flat Panel Television Stand represents a viable alternative to clamping your television to the wall, all the while preserving the aesthetic advantages of having a flat screen television in your home. In addition to being able to accommodate flat panels up to 52 inches wide, the HBL52 boasts two slick opaque black glass shelves on which to keep your A/V devices and so forth.

The frame of the HBL52 is made entirely of metal which ensures the durability of the unit. In terms of modern stands, the Techcraft HBL52 represents one of our picks as among the best value modern tv stands on the market: for under $200 it combines the beauty and elegance of the most top class of contemporary decor, with the required stability and durability which we all require in a piece of furniture. As long as the price of this unit remains below $200, we would recommend it as a good buy, anything above $200 and you might consider looking towards an alternative.

Some of the Techcraft HBL52′s features include:

  • Up to 52″ TV width capacity
  • Sturdy tubing for high weight tolerance
  • Sleek black glass which is similar to most modern LCD TVs
  • Dimensions – 19 3/4″ x 52″ x 19 3/4″

Overall this stand is good value, but it does have its flaws. Do not give much credence to manufacturer descriptions that state flat panel televisions up to 56 inches can be accommodated by the HBL52; while this is technically true, it could pose a safety hazard in addition to looking quite strange (the tv would be disproportionately large compared to the stand). Another flaw is that the shipping weight is very heavy at around 50 Kg, although online retailers such as amazon do offer free shipping. Finally, assembly can take up to an hour and it’s not as easy as just taking it out of the box. This is kind of a drag because after paying our hard earned cash we expect certain things, but alas, large items like modern tv stands will often pose a few assembly challenges before you can enjoy their benefits.

Here is what C Cloutier thought about the Techcraft HBL52:

This stand doesn’t look that good in the picture but it actually surprised me – it’s not bad at all. To be honest I don’t usually like the popular cheap tv stands nowadays which are often made of steel with glass shelves, but the fact that both the metal and the glass is black kind of makes it blend in well with my ps3 which we keep on one shelf, and our satellite box on another. First time buyers of modern tv stands should know that these glass pieces are not transparent. Overall I’m happy with this stand both due to the price – comparable stands are 300 dollars and up – and due to the open structure, because it gives my A/V devices more air too breathe which you wouldn’t get if they were closed up in a cabinet.

Contemporary TV Stand

Walker Edison Modern Regal TV Stand Review

The Walker Edison Regal 60″ 4 in 1 TV Stand is definitely a modern TV stand for the indecisive, or if you simply like to chop and change, or if you don’t want the commitment of nailing a mount to the wall just yet, but you haven’t ruled it out for the future. The Regal stand has a very modern design, combining contemporary black steel for the mount and frame, with hard wood for the top and sides. The two shelves are made of tempered glass which gives a greater degree of safety when compared to regular glass, and these shelves can store your DVD players or game consoles. The Regal TV Stand is for flat panel/LCD televisions only.

The main advantage of this particular modern TV stand is that you can get four functions in one unit, for no extra cost. If you want to just mount your flat panel to the wall then you can do that, or if you want to simply put it on the stand table you can do that as well. This leaves your mount free to put another TV up somewhere else. Disadvantages of this TV stand would be that although it is 4 in 1, there are stands which can perform each function slightly better. As a unit, this stand represents better value than any stand out there, but if you have your heart set on a specific way of storing your flat panel TV, e.g. mounting on wall, placing on table of stand, then you could consider “1 in 1″ options, i.e. a stand or mount which is specifically designed for that single purpose, not four.

Here are the main basic features of the Walker Edison Regal TV Stand:

  • Swivel & tilt capability
  • Metal with black powder finish
  • 3 shelves for storage
  • Can hold up to 250 lbs
  • Wall mount and stand
  • 42″ x 20″ x 20″ dimensions

Most customers agree that the Walker Edison Regal 60″ 4 in 1 is excellent value for money, particularly with the large discounts currently available, but if you can afford to buy a single function cheap tv stand or mount, then certainly go for that, however you have to be 100% certain that you are going to use the mount/stand in that way. Otherwise, the best option is the Regal 60″ 4 in 1, as it allows you a lot of flexibility if you change your mind, or even if you move house or get a new TV. Many people use this tv stand to play host to two televisions – one attached to the wall in another room using the mount, and another sitting on the stand. As always, know what you need beforehand and make your decision accordingly.

This is what one reviewer thought of the Walker Edison Regal:

A positive surprise about the Walker Edison Regal 60″ TV Stand is that it’s cheaper than the 40 inch version, which strikes me as strange but it might be due to the discount. It took me just an hour or two to put it all together, get my TV and all other components, plug it all in etc. I waited for over a year to get a tv stand like this – every time I saw something with everything I needed, it was just way too expensive for me. A few quick points – for some reason amazon shows a photo of the tv stand from a corner view, presumably so that you can see the whole thing, but it’s really more suited to a wall. Also, the stand comes with 2 pieces of glass which are the same length and width dimensions, but not thickness. You put the thinner piece nearer to the ground. As I review this the price is constantly going up, which makes me glad I got it when I did.

 Walker Edison TV Stand

The Walker Edison 44″ Cortez Wood TV Console is an attractive, economical option for those wishing to house their new flat panel television on a more elegant wood based modern tv stand. Despite being 44 inches across the console can take televisions up to 52 inches across, though despite what the manufacturer may say we do not recommend this for safety reasons (more on this below). In terms of weight, this stand can take up to 250 lbs, which is rather impressive given that it is wood based and not metal based unlike some other stands, so this stand would be a good choice if you are really desperate for a wooden stand to maintain the elegance of your room, but you also want the strength advantages of a metal stand.

The 44″ Cortez also features an open compartment which stretches across the significant part of the structure – this is perfect for housing games units, DVD players, satellite boxes, or any other AV equipment. This unit requires home assembly, which means that if you are not good at DIY, either look for an alternative or ask a friend to help you. The weight is less than metal counterparts, but it is still rather heavy at around 60 lbs when assembled. However, it’s not always a disadvantage to have a bit of weight on your side when cheap TV stands are concerned, since they are required to be fairly sturdy to be able to accommodate such large items as flat panel televisions.

Here are the main features of the Walker Edison Cortez TV Stand:

  • Can accommodate televisions of up to 52 inches in width
  • Black wood grain finish
  • 2 Av compartments, holes for wiring
  • 44″ x 16″ x 24″

In general, the Walker Edison 44″ Cortez is one of the best flat panel tv stands on the market for its price, which can vary among retailers from $200-$330. However, there are a few instances where you should reconsider your options. The first is if you have a TV larger than 44″. The manufacturer says that you can use this stand for televisions up to 52″, and while that may be true, in practise it might cause you problems. The side of the television would stick out on each end, and if someone runs past it and clips it, there could be a bad accident. In general, always keep to within the television width, with a few inches to spare if you can. You might also want to get a different stand if your home decor is more suited to a metallic look. The Cortez stand is a modern looking wood based stand, but it’s not suitable for all modern rooms. However, I do concede that a lot of this is down to preference; it’s just something to be aware of before buying.

Here’s what one customer had to say about the Walker Edison Cortez TV Stand:

We use this stand for our living room which is an area where a lot of people come and go, so we didn’t want a tv stand which sticks out too much. Thankfully the Walker Edison Cortez is at a perfect depth – shallow enough to not get in the way, but deep enough so that we can move our TV throughout its entire range of motion. The assembly was alright, it was quite easy with no problems. My only gripe is that I won’t be able to get a home theater now. (Jerry)

Techcraft HBL60 TV Stand Review

The Techcraft HBL60 is the perfect alternative to flat panel TV mounts: it is a stand which combines modern style with modern functionality in an effortless construction, and suits almost every home with ease. Employing a unique diamond shaped tube structure, the HBL60 Flat Panel Television Stand is a present day piece of furniture which has the strength and durability to last well into the future.

With a total unit weight of over 90 lbs, the HBL60 is a modern TV stand that is intended for permanent, long-term use. It can accommodate flat panel televisions from 60 inches and below, and has two shelves of safety enhanced tempered glass for storage of additional related items, such as games consoles and/or digital television boxes.

Here are the main features of the Techcraft HBL60:

  • 60-inch flat-panel television stand
  • Fits most 60-inch and smaller flat-panel televisions
  • Heavy gauge diamond shaped tubing for strength and durability
  • Brilliant black silkscreen glass matches many flat-panel televisions
  • 19.75″ H x 59.25″ W x 19.75″ D

Even at the full price of $229, this stand is exceptional value for money. Comparable modern TV stands, that is, metal frame with tempered glass shelves, strong frame, long-term potential, commonly go for anywhere between $300 to $1500. In some cases you could swap the HBL60 for a $1000+ model from Best Buy and not know which is which in terms of price range. Of course, there are cheap tv stands available for less than 100 bucks, but these are invariably poor quality – poor construction, poor materials e.g. plastic, weak wood – they won’t last you long at all. This Techcraft 60 inch stand on the other hand is constructed from sleek pitch black metal which not only blends perfectly with the modern style of flat panel televisions, but is also extremely strong. Then you have the black tempered glass shelves which are very heavy but also very safe when compared to regular glass. This is essential when you have younger kids around your house. And all for around $200 – sometimes less if you can get a discount – the HBL60 certainly gets my seal of approval.

Here is what a current owner thinks about her Techcraft HBL60 TV Stand:

I got the Techcraft HBL60 for my new 52-inch Sony Bravia, and I was very pleased to find that the stand blends very well with it. My house is quite old fashioned so it seemed at first strange having such a modern tv and stand in my lounge, but I’ve got used to it. If you have a modern house it will be perfect. A quick tip for new buyers particularly those with children who are likely to bump into stuff – get a stand that is a few inches bigger than your TV – that way if someone knocks the stand your TV won’t come crashing down. The stand is light except for the glass shelves which are quite heavy. The stand is, therefore, pretty sturdy and can be considered a long term piece of furniture. I think the lack of doors is actually a good thing because with doors it would be more difficult to put together, and more dust would gather. It’s also pretty fiddly to clean in and around doors. I like the sleek style of the tv stand – it’s really simple and clean, just what you want when you watch the TV – no distractions. (Lestha)

Modern TV Stands We Don’t Like

A Modern TV stand is not only a high ticket item, it is also a big hassle to replace and return, although to their credit larger retailers such as amazon have made it easier to return any sort of item, big or small. Nevertheless, it will save you a lot of time, effort and money if you get your decision right the first time. Here we quickly review some modern TV stands to avoid – the quality of these ranges from average to very poor. Please note that these are merely the opinion of our editors; we always urge you to do your own research and due diligence before any high ticket purchase.

Sonax NP-1608 Black & Ebony Pecan TV Bench for 42″ – 68″ Flat Panel TV’s
This is a fair standard stand with a fairly strong wooden structure, however with recent price increases, a slightly cheap appearance and slight damage to the paint even in brand new units, we recommend to avoid this particular model. While it is true that you could do a lot worse, you can also do a lot better. Don’t settle for average when you can get the best (some of which we have found and reviewed on this site).

Altra 98296 Rustic TV Stand, Pine
May I firstly say that this stand looks GREAT. It really has that most elegant appearance which is perfect if you’re going for a more cozy, traditional, family look. However, that is unfortunately the only positive about this stand. The structure is seriously flawed and there are aspects of construction that the manufacturer should take a serious look at. All of this results in a structure that does not hold together properly. Summary: Don’t be fooled by its good looks, avoid this one like the plague.

Bell’O WAVS321 Contemporary Audio Video Flat Panel Cabinet
While usually we have personal experience of all stands reviewed, I didn’t personally inspect this one; however there are reports of frequent damaging in transit. Either that or the unit is being damaged during construction or even, it has a manufacturing flaw. Either way, it’s not worth risking your money on something that arrives damaged however it happened.

Winsome Wood TV Stand with Glass Sliding Doors, Espresso
It’s not that this piece of furniture is slightly annoying to construct, rather, it is its lack of durability. In terms of aesthetics, it doesn’t look particularly good or bad, it’s alright for a 200 dollar piece, but the construction is where it lacks. It is susceptible to break after short periods of usage and I would not risk putting an expensive television on it.

We have managed to cover just 4 of the less desirable modern tv stands out there, but of course there are many more, just as there are far more good quality cheap tv stands than the few we have reviewed on this site. Our greatest piece of advice would be to simply read the reviews carefully, and do not purchase a product that is not recommended by at least 5 reviews. Different sites have different rating systems but generally a good rule of thumb is 80% , so that’s 4 out of 5 stars, or 8 out of 10 stars. If 5 or more people have given it a rating of 80% or more, then you are almost always on to a winner.