Rustic TV Stands

Unlike other sites that only want to unload their product on you, we care. And that’s why we created this rustic TV stand buying guide for you.

#1 – Size Matters. At Least, For Rustic TV Stands, Media Storage & Entertainment Centers

You need to know 2 sizes when buying a rustic television stand. You need to know the size of your TV and your room. Because squeezing a humongous TV stand into a mouse hole of a room looks crappy. Plus, you’d feel uncomfortable and cramped. It’s enough to make you feel sick.

Second, you want to consider how your rustic tv console will function in your life. Ask yourself “what do I want it to do?”

You might respond, “Hold my TV. DUUUUUH!”

And that’s great. In that case, you may only need a small rustic television console. Take the Winsome Basics Solid Wood Corner TV Stand (affiliate) for an example.

It doesn’t waste space so you can enjoy more of your room. Additionally, it has 2 TV shelves for media storage to prevent clutter.
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On the other hand, do you want your TV stand to complement your interior design?

If you have space…

Go larger!

Select something like the Sauder Barrister Lane Entertainment Credenza in Salt Oak (affiliate). This rustic console is a bona fide furniture piece.

Of course, you have a TV shelf for media storage. But you can also display design accents such as vases, dishes, sculptures and books to add emotion and enhance room décor.

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Finally, you need to consider TV size attributes such as height, width, and depth. Because an over-sized television looks ghastly on a tiny TV console and it’s a safety hazard. Why?

Because TVs that hang over its console’s edge can fall and damage property or seriously harm children.

So what happens if you have an over-sized TV?

Good news!

You can go even larger with something like a Parker House Tahoe 84 in. TV Console – Vintage Burnished Black (affiliate link).

Here, you have the space to accommodate TVs up to 80 inches wide. And the height is still low enough that the bottom of your TV will comfortably rest at or near your natural TV viewing sight line. That’s where your eyes rest when you sit down to watch television.

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#2 -What Furniture Material Fits Your Taste And Puts You In The Right Mood?

Choosing between wood and metal is difficult. They both have their benefits. You can simplify the decision-making process by thinking about what mood or tone you want to set in your room.

Take wood furniture for instance…

Choose an all wood rustic TV stand when you’re going for a naturalistic design. And rustic, antiqued, or distressed wood tends to have a calming effect in a room.

Calming is nice, but you may also want something that is both classy and casual.

You can try an all wood rustic console such as the #1 bestseller – WE Furniture Wood TV Stand, 58-Inch, Charcoal (affiliate link).

Look at the picture to the left. You can see that the distressed pattern along the wood grain is relaxing to your eyes.

Another benefit is that you can click on the affiliate link and grab a 58% discount while supplies last.

Wood is awesome, but…

What if you want something that’s giving off a rustic vibe with a more modern flavor?

No problem.

You can mix and match materials. For example, you can blend wood with metal to create a comfortable environment with a modern edge. Home Style 5050-06 Modern Craftsman Media Console, Distressed Oak Finish (affiliate link) displays the wood-metal mixture nicely.

At 40% off, you can easily afford to click the affiliate link for this rustic TV stand and view the complete collection.

The image on the left displays more affiliate Rustic Home Style Collection pieces including 2 gaming towers.

For a short time, you can get 48% off when you buy the Home Styles 5050-34 Modern Craftsman 3-Piece Gaming Entertainment Center, Distressed Oak Finish

End tables,coffee tables and’s #1 best selling sofa tables are also available to enhance your rustic theme.

But you don’t have to stop at a wood-metal combo.

You can also add another material into the mix. Glass.

Like metal, glass alters the tone of your rustic theme. Because it transforms your casual distressed or antiqued look into something more formal. Adding glass its especially great when you want to marry a traditional look with Mother Nature’s design.

The major con when using glass in any interior design is that accidents happen. The last thing you want is a child, pet, or yourself get cut from broken glass. Thankfully, many furniture dealers solved the problem by installing tempered glass.

Tempered glass is a toughened safety glass that makes it harder to break. And it will shatter upon impact if it does break. This is important because tempered glass leaves no sharp edges behind to hurt you or someone you care about.

View our affiliate Leick Riley Holliday Mission Corner TV Stand with Storage, 46-Inch, Oak to get a picture of how coupling tempered glass with rustic wood looks. You can also click the affiliate link to claim $79 off plus free shipping.

Always make sure to check if the glass TV console has tempered glass before you buy.

#3 – Pick a Distressed TV Stand Finish To Make Your Room Design Sizzle

What else can pull your room together and prevent a room decor meltdown better than color?


Think about that feeling you get when something is “not quite right”. You don’t know why, but you know something is wrong. Annoying, isn’t it? It’s because picking the wrong color can lead to visual chaos in your room.

Fortunately, rustic TV stands come in many color options. Some popular color choices and examples are:

  • Natural Finish Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Harvest Family TV Stand with Northern White Cedar wood. The affiliate example below demonstrates how selecting a natural finish, no staining, to create an organic look. For a limited time, claim your 51% discount by clicking here.
Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Harvest Family TV Stand
  • Stained Finish – When natural colors don’t fit your interior design. You can opt for stained furniture. Stained finishes come in many colors such as oak, auburn, tobacco, turquoise, espresso, jade and more. Home Accent Furnishings’ New 58” Modern TV Stand Console in Driftwood Finish is an excellent example. Click the affiliate link to get 50% off and free shipping.
New 58″ Modern TV Stand Console in Charcoal Finish by home accent furnishings
  • Hand-Scraped Finish – Hand scraped wood gives the rustic TV stand a more distressed look. Many call this look “shabby chic”. Our affiliate’s 2 Door 2 Drawer TV Stand White Scraped Western Rustic Real Wood by RR exquisitely shows off this design. Right now, they are offering their rustic hand scraped TV center for a $199.01 discount plus free shipping.
2 Door 2 Drawer TV Stand White Scraped Western Rustic Real Wood by RR
  • Sandblasted Finish – It’s no doubt that hand scraping creates a unique distressed finish, but sometimes you want something outright weathered. Sandblasting does the job. Take a look at the Modus Furniture International Farmhouse Media Console’s Sandblasted Antique Walnut finish to see what I mean.
Modus Furniture International Farmhouse Media Console’s Sandblasted Antique Walnut Finish#4 – Consider A TV Shelf To Hold Your Extra Equipment And Design Accents

The best advice for your TV shelf needs follow the first rustic TV stand tip. Think about your TV console’s role in the room.

Are you using it for media storage?

Display case for room accents?

Perhaps a bit of both?

This way you’re ready if your needs change such as storing:The more roles your entertainment center will play, the more shelf space you will need. It is alright if you don’t know how much shelf space you’ll need. But things happen. So, you may want to consider erring on the side of more.

  • New baby’s toys

  • New audio/video equipment

  • Anything else you can’t find space for

Fortunately, you can always buy entertainment centers with adjustable shelves.

This way you are better equipped to handle changing needs. Southern Enterprises Eldridge Rustic Plank TV Console, Distressed Weathered Oak is an example with 3 adjustable shelves.

This way you can conveniently add or remove shelve space as your storage needs change.

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#5 – Need To De-clutter Your Life? Try A Rustic TV Stand With Storage  Areas

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” George Carlin was right when he made that quote decades ago and it rings true today.

Displaying your gaming system, media player, or books are nice. Because they can enhance your rustic theme by promoting a “Lived-in” look.
But having too many items on display clutters your living space and causes visual chaos. This kills your comfy buzz fast.

Unlike y

our adjustable TV shelf, drawers can be the answer to your media storage needs. Because you can pack them full with almost anything you want and nobody sees a thing. This gives you better control over your room décor since you decide what to display.
Tv drawers also keep your room clean and organized.

Do you have children or expect some visiting you? Drawers make a great space to hide toys, blankets, and story books.

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan TV Media Stand for TVs up to 80″, Coffee Brown (affiliate link) does a great job demonstrating how you can display what you want and hide incidentals to promote visual harmony.

And with affiliate links promoting 47% off plus free shipping for Prime members, Simpli Home’s rustic TV stand is in harmony with your budget.

#6 – You Heard Of A Kitchen Cabinet Or Pantry Cabinet. What About A TV Cabinet?

Let’s face it. Having a nice home entertainment system or stellar movie collection on display is awesome. But sometimes you just want and need your privacy.

What if you enjoy having room accents and some equipment on display, but you also need a place to store your linens, medical supplies, or anything else you don’t to advertise to guests?
You can check out the Sunny Designs Sedona 27-1/2″ TV Console in Rustic Oak 2753RO affiliate link.A TV shelf or drawer is great for media storage and incidentals. But a TV cabinet is where it’s at when your living space demands more private storage options. There is a rustic TV cabinet to solve your problem, such as:

This rustic TV stand has tons of storage space with both glass and solid TV cabinet doors. Hence, you have plenty of room to display AND hide what you want.


Sunny Designs Sedona 27-1/2″ TV Console in Rustic Oak 2753RO is large.and can take up an entire wall. But it’s massive storage capacity complements small to medium living areas well since it can make up for lacking cabinet space elsewhere in your home. Click here to see how to get free shipping and interest-free financing for Sunny Designs Sedona 27-1/2″ TV Console in Rustic Oak 2753RO.

What if you don’t need or want to display much of anything? There’s rustic TV consoles designed to accentuate your room’s beauty without adding decorative pieces. The Touchstone Bungalow TV Lift Cabinet for Flat Screen TV’s up to 55″ (affiliate link) is designed to solve your problem.

It has strategically designed cubby holes and TV shelf space allowing for decorative accents. They enhance your room design without overpowering your visual and emotional senses. Touchstone Home Products’ Bungalow TV Lift Cabinet for Flat Screen TV’s up to 55″ was no accident. They understand your media storage needs to look organized and private.

In fact…

What if you want to keep all of your media storage and other incidentals private? Touchstone Home Products already solved that dilemma for you too.

Their Touchstone Ellis Trunk TV Lift Cabinet for Flat Screen TVs up to 45″ is packed full of storage space without betraying your privacy. All of your storage areas are out of sight.