Tall TV Stand

A Tall TV stand is made a little different than a normal stand. Many of them have spaces for books besides the television so it is part TV stand and part library. They also have spaces to place the speakers from your home theater equipment or your surround sound system. They have large shelf spaces where you can store the many things you need or decorations too.

To consider a television stand tall, it should be at least four feet high. It is considered tall because it is higher than a normal table or television stand. These stands are designed in a way that people sitting behind a desk or lying in bed can watch the television over other people sitting in front of them, or over the bed’s footrest. If you are sitting in a low couch and watching a television on a tall stand you would be looking upwards to it.

When you use it in your bed room so you can watch TV over your bed’s foot rest, be sure you measure the height of the foot rest before buying the stand so you do not come out short with the height or buy it so tall it will look funny. The bottom edge of your TV should be one or two inches above the edge of your foot rest, not more and not less. If you have a surround system hooked in to your TV, be sure that the stand has enough space on top of the TV to set a couple of the large speakers besides the TV. This will give you better sound than if you set them all inside the stand itself.

Do not buy a tall stand with glass doors or anything like that for your bed room. I recommend that it should be made out of wood; dark lustrous wood and nothing else. Glass would be extremely corny and out of taste. Solid wood is the way to go every time even if you chose a light tan or brown. For the office it is okay to have glass doors and a completely transparent stand if you want. In fact you can find classic tall stand designs that enclose the television set completely, you close the doors over the set and you can make it disappear. When it is time to use it, all you have to do is open the doors and pull the set out a bit so it can be seen from every corner of the room.

When you are buying a tall TV stand for your office, keep the décor in mind. If it is modern and practical, covered with metal and stainless steel, buy a stand with a modern design, glass and steel is the best way to go, or brass with glass or polycarbonate plastic. If your furniture is heavy and antique looking, or classic old style, buy a heavy wooden stand, old and beaten by time, with a heavy look that speaks of age and history. This doesn’t have to be true, but what you are looking for is just a complementary style to the rest of the office.

Tall Tv Stands

If you desire to have more space in your home then it is suggested that you should purchase tall TV stand. Moreover, there are numerous other benefits that you will avail from these tall TV stands. Definitely you will be astonished when you will come to know more about these tall television stands. Now it will be easy for you to organize your crowded house with the help of this tall television stand.

Now you will be able to watch your favorite movies and shows in an organized way, all thanks to this tall television stands. There are some home owners out there those who believe that purchasing a television stand is nothing just wasting their valuable money. But once they come to know the benefits and style of this TV stand then definitely they will prefer to purchase one for their home entertainment system. Apart from keeping your TV in order, this TV stand also offers a modern look to your home décor. With the help of this tall TV stand you will be able to change any room décor.

But when you decide to purchase tall TV stands then there are certain things that you have to take under consideration, and also you have to keep in mind that height does matter. However, it is recommended that you should always try to purchase the tall TV stand that suits your requirements as well as it should fit your home and also your should be able to reach its top without any hassle. If you have kids those who always fiddle with the television set then it will be a perfect option for you to purchase a tall television stand. It is for sure that your children will not fiddle with the television set because now the height of the television is out of their reach.

Today you will find various types of tall television stands out there for sale. But you should select the one that suits your requirement and it should be within your budget as well. If you desire to enhance the elegance of your home décor then you should purchase the tall glass TV stands that are very popular currently. These tall TV stands ranges from tall wood TV stands to tall black TV stands; these types of stands are perfect for those people who desire to have something unique along with some more features.

No matter which model you decide to purchase, but you should always try to purchase these tall TV stands from any reputed online store. If you purchase them from the online store then definitely you will be happy to avail the greatest deals offered by the online stores including free shipping and handling charges. Moreover, before you purchase any TV stand you should perfectly measure the area of the room where you will place this television stand. Moreover, the model you will select should blend up with your home entertainment system also.

On the lookout for a Tall TV Stand? Many consumers are in the need for wider and taller stands that are more convenient to their homes as more space is always better.

When looking to purchase this type of TV stand for your home withier it be for your living room, bedroom or kitchen there are plenty of choices to choose from, with design, colour and features the big points to watch out for.

Choosing the right colour for your stand is very important as you don’t want the product to look out of place in your room so blending is key to choosing the right one for you.  In the age of modern slim designs space is very important.

Tall TV Stands are becoming hot sought after products by consumers as many people now live in smaller homes, apartments and space becomes more important as less of it exists.

There are various brands to choose from with the most popular so far being: 

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“The Best and the Worst (Authors view on this type of product)” 

Good Points for this type of product

  • Choice – with the choice you have available you will not go home empty handed as the range in price and design, use is so big there is literally something for everyone.
  • Delivery – Most stores online or offline offer discounted delivery and in many case free delivery so you don’t have to think about putting a TV stand in the back of the car.

Bad Points for this type of product

  • Space – some stands can take up a large amount of space so may not be the best choice for homes with less room.

Price for this type of product 


Price Range (In US $)
Furniture TV Stands Can Be Purchased From:35-2000
Delivery Charge:Discounted and in many cases Free

My Personal Review For Purchasing Tall TV Stand

Personally there is so much to choose from you can’t really get it wrong but make sure to consider the size of your TV and don’t be shy to take out the measuring tape. Some stands are self installation so are packed in a box and require you to manual set it up this is usually a lesser quality stand and is not able to handle larger TV’s such as 42 inch plasmas and do not look very strong so buy a more modern strong stand that is able to support your TV and not cripple and break it.

My overall rating for this type of product: 9/10 “can make or break your TV”

Customer Reviews who have purchased Stands from here 


NameThis Persons ReviewRated
ShelbyI bought mine on Amazon a month ago with free January delivery it was the best price I could find on the Internet.10/10
Mrs NeelamWe have a 52 Inch TV and bought one from here for Christmas we love it we couldn’t find one in the mall when we went shopping so thanks.9/10
KathyI have one in my bedroom but it’s just used as a socks draw but the build is solid.7/10
NatashaI was looking for a new stand to complement my room and got mine from here got it today everything looks fine and the delivery guy was nice thanks.10/10
KevinI decided i didn’t want it after a week and the refund was pretty straight forward so after service is great thank you.10/10