TV Stand With Mount

The phenomena of the Tv stand with mount and plasma television sets has virtually captured the imagination of almost every audiophile and videophile everywhere. For the lucky ones who are actually able to afford it, they get to watch their favorite movies and shows in crystal clear color that is an indescribable delight for the eyes.

For the rest, having a wall mounted I television set will have to remain a pipe dream. Still, for those who do have one, their troubles are not exactly over yet. They now have the unenviable task of ensuring that their expensive television set is placed in an area where their viewing is maximized and optimized. And just because the description on the television says it is a “wall-mounted” television, does not necessarily mean it is the only way to go in displaying it, especially if the wall where you meant to mount the television on was never meant to carry such a weight for a long time.

The solution here, so as to prevent your expensive television from going the way of the large portrait you tried to hang on the wall and then fell and broke into a million pieces, is to buy it a stand that will hold its weight, and at the same time provide it with a very stylish mount to be viewed from. But you ask: what kind of TV stand do I get for a TV set that was meant to be hanged on the wall? Here are some factors you should look for in the TV stand that you need for your wall-mounted television:


Measure the complete dimensions of the Tv stand with mount. The location you intend to place this television will greatly affect the size of stand that you are intending to buy. The depth of the television must also be taken into account, since size does go in more directions than just up. You also need to make sure that the stand will allow your television to be at your eye-level, or can be adjusted to accommodate proper viewing, in whatever position you intend to be when you are watching.


Price is obviously an important part of any buying decision. TV stands are notoriously expensive, although a useful piece of information to remember is that quality and price do not always equate in the market. If you plan to purchase a stand from the electronics store you bought your TV from, you are most likely pay more than you should. These places do not specialize in television stands and usually have just a few models available, which they also intend to make a profit from, and since more people will want a stand to go with their new TV, they can afford to jack up the price since the demand is great. It might be better to seek out a furniture store or a web-based TV stand shop, since these avenues are sure to offer many more models and at more affordable rates.


This is a factor that is often overlooked. Make sure your Tv stand with mount can hold the weight of the TV set you plan to put on it, since the main reason you got the stand is to ensure that your new TV set doesn’t crash to the ground and shatter into a million pieces. Manufacturers sometimes love to label their products with words like “durable”, “resilient”, “strong”, and “highly reliable”, and in some cases, these are simply just that: words, and nothing more. So, it is far better to actually check and see if indeed the stand is durable and stable enough for your television set.


This is probably the first thing a buyer will actually look at when looking for the item they intend to buy. After they have found something that appeals to them visually, only then will they start to consider the other important factors, such as is this really what they need, is it durable enough, and is it even the style that will look good at home.

Tv stand with mount vs Usual TV Stand

Tv stands with mount and TV stands are a popular topic for most home owners. Do i want to mount my flat panel television on the wall in my living room or do i want to put it on a nice decorative stand. The fact of the matter is both are great ways to enjoy your weekend full of sports but the real question is can you mount your TV on the wall or does it need to go on a TV stand. I personally love my TV mounted on the wall but I don’t like the TV mounts that push the TV out too far away from the wall and make it look like it doesn’t belong. I would rather have my plasma television as flush with the wall as possible so that it looks like it belongs there and flows like a painting i just hung for decoration.
When looking for a TV mount brands like Luxor and Premier have cornered the market with a variety of mount styles to suit your LCD or plasma TV. Luxor makes a universal flat screen flush mount that is sure to make your TV look like it belongs above your fireplace or mantle. They also make a universal LCD and plasma flat wall mount that is not quite as flush but much more durable for larger screen TV’s. When you get into the 50 inch plus range you have to make sure the TV mount will handle the TV size and weight. Premier and Luxor also make tilt wall mounts to accomodate most any size flat screen television that allow you to angle the TV downward if you are mounting up high. Wall arm mounts are also another design that will allow for the TV to be rotated 90 degrees to show whatever side of the room you desire.
Several companies make ceiling mounts as well to hold your plasma TV or your projector television if you so desire. Ceiling mounts are great for the bedroom because they allow you to literally watch TV while you lay in bed, a nice little perk. Whether its lying in bed or sitting on the couch or Lazyboy in the living room watching your favorite sports and entertainment rest assured that a TV mounts are an excellent way to go.
The decision between TV stands or TV mounts is purely personal preference. The downside to a TV mount is you have no storage room to house your media collection as well as hiding your wiring. However wiring can sometimes be hidden inside the wall behind your flat panel television as long as its not mounted in front of a fireplace. TV stands provide a benefit in that regard because they allow for storage and also allow wiring to be hidden so there is no clutter.

The Popularity Of The Tv stand with mount Instead Of The ooriginal TV Stand

When you look back to your childhood, the TV always used to be a big contraption placed on a clunky table, in the drawing room. The TV wall mount consisted of a large bulky television on a huge shelf like mount. There wasn’t much to do with a TV, sizes were almost uniform and chances of getting a 25” or 30” were slim, not to mention how very expensive they were. But ever since LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and plasma TV’s appeared in the market their TV mounts have followed closely behind and the turn of the century TV viewing has revolutionized. Even the aesthetics of placing a TV, have changed, which is where TV wall mounts come into the equation.

LCD TV stands with mount and Plasma TV wall mounts are noticeably thinner than their bulky earlier style variants. Screen sizes have also changed, with the advent of new technology and commonly accepted sizes are greater than 32”, at least. TV cabinets and stands cannot cope easily with the minimalist designs of a typical LCD or Plasma set. A good solution is to get rid of them altogether and use as TV wall mount, to affix your TV to the walls of your room. Not only does a 40” hanging off your wells as if it’s stuck there, look über cool they also conserve floor space. These days its all about freeing up floor space for other decor.

TV wall mounts come in a variety of designs and use a fair bit of engineering to provide you with the best viewing experience. They come in the following variants:
1. Fixed TV wall mounts do what they say, they’re just meant to keep your TV fixed in one place, and it becomes imperative for you to make that place, the best location possible.
2. Tilting TV wall mounts provide you with some freedom to tilt your TV up or down, generally within a range of 5°-15°. This helps to reduce the glare on the TV from an overhanging light source, and is commonly used for LCD TV’s

3. Arm mounts are a bit more extreme. They allow complete freedom to move your screen as you see fit, up down, tilted or at an angle. The arm generally extends a foot out of the wall and can allow the TV to swivel as well. They’re sometimes referred to as articulating arm mounts and are preferably used on smaller LCD screens.
4. Motorized arm mounts, however, have the ultimate say in wall mounts. A separate remote controls a robotic arm, which allows you to set your viewing angle as you wish, without moving a muscle! It’s the ultimate addition in your TV home theater system.
If you’re thinking of buying an LCD TV wall mount you need to have your wall, pre decided and checked to make sure it can support the weight of the TV. It also makes sense to fix all wires to their ports, before you mount the TV onto the wall mount, or if you have a wall mount with holes drilled in for wiring then it’s ok too. Wall mount televisions are a classy addition to your drawing room, make sure you get expert advice when putting them on and you’ll enjoy the wholesome experience of watching your favorite TV shows for years to come. As long as you buy a flat panel TV stand with mount for your home you cannot go wrong with how you hang it. Think of it as a wall mounted TV stand without all the bulk.