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Home Designs: Function Versus Aesthetics

When you go to a furniture shop and go through the many items that they have in their showroom you are immediately drawn to the items that are pleasing to the eyes and those that come with the best price. Many people make the fatal consumer mistake of buying products based on these two factors alone. Suppose you are looking for a White TV Stand with drawers and you go to a showroom where you find a nice modern gray TV stand with half the price of what you were planning to spend on. Sure it can be easy to settle for that but you may end up losing what you came there for in the first place.

Looking for items that have aspecific function as simple as a White TV Stand with drawers can be a tricky task. Most people go to providers and furniture suppliers knowing what they want but tend to forget about the reason why they were there because they were lead to believe that they needed something else, which comes looking better and cheaper. You can get into a lot of debate among designers if you want to decipher which factor matters the most: practicality or aesthetics.

Going for functionality is what most people would want but you cannot also discount the fact that you would want for things to look great too. The truth is achieving the blend between visual appeal and functionality is the best way to go but it does not always come easy. Furniture designers now understand the value of making their pieces look exquisite and at the same time functional. This is how a new breed of furniture pieces come to life now called as “smart furniture”.  The sofa bed is one of the first known smart furniture. It is smart because it can serve to functions but only requires the buyer to make the purchase for one piece.

As time went on artists and furniture manufacturers learned the value of infusing functionality in the pieces that they are making and not just focusing on the aesthetic aspect. The end result brought the wave of more smart furniture pieces. Retractable tables, staircase drawers, kitchen countertops, multi-purpose lampshades and centerpieces are among the many innovations that were born with the idea of joining function and design.

When a consumer goes into a store and asks for specific items, he or she is immediately welcomed with options available but he or she may not be presented with the best option at all just what is available. This is the reason why it is important that you should know the exact piece that you need and the exact non-negotiable functions that you need these pieces to have. Never settle for aesthetics only over the functionality and vice versa or you will only end up making a decision you will soon regret.

When buying items for your home, always keep in mind that these things are investments and you should, therefore, choose your next steps very wisely.